Baloon Safari

Truly the most unforgettable way to see Moto Sport Park is the aerial view from a Hot Air Balloon, which is why we decided to provide this experience.

You could experience the full-length Balloon Safari experience, lasting between one to one-and-a-half hour, drifting in the sky above Moto Sport Park: truly the best way to explore the entire gorgeous location. You can opt between watching a gorgeous sunrise early in the morning, or watch the sunset in the evening from your personal Hot Air Balloon. We also serve delicious refreshments on-board: breakfast or snacks as per the time slot of your Safari. This adventure does not have any minimum limit of passengers and can be enjoyed by a solo traveller, a couple or more.

For an alternate experience, we also provide a Balloon Tethering experience, where the Hot Air Balloon will hover on-the-spot in the air, letting you enjoy the view to the fullest. This flight is ideal for groups, and the rate per person depends on the number of passengers, so make sure to bring your friends along to enjoy the spectacular view from the clouds over Moto Sport Park and the sensation of floating in the air.

Our Hot Air Balloons are operated by professionally trained and experienced members of our team, who will look after every aspect of your comfort and safety, leaving you worry-free to enjoy your experience. Availability of these activities depends on the season and weather conditions.