Off Road Rides

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Off Road Rides

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Moto Sport Park’s most iconic core offering, our off-roading experiences are a new and unique concept that has not yet been replicated anywhere else in India. 

The reason for our popularity is the unique location we provide, unlike any other in Jaipur or nearby areas. We boast of a 5-kilometer long trail, which can be increased up to 8 kilometers or reduced as per the requirement.


Our star feature, the track itself, is properly sanitized and consists of multiple surface changes to demonstrate the full capabilities of each vehicle and to test your skills as an off-roader. Starting with concrete, which transforms into tarmac and soon into black soil, red soil and finally into loose sand. 

The trail consists of many different variations: various uphill climbs, steep table-top falls, camel humps, a long right-hand corner turn followed by a sharp left on a side angle, and many more such geographical obstacles. No other park in India offers the same quality of tracks and endless variety in surfaces and soils.

Whether you are a seasoned expert off-roader or an amateur looking forward to your first off-road drive, we can create the perfect experience for you. 


We offer a selection of self-driven buggies that you can enjoy yourself, including:

Moto Sport Park is the first commercial introduction of these buggies throughout the country. Only a limited number of these models exist in India, out of which we own the majority and provide them for you to enjoy at our Park.

RAGE CYCLONE: Feel the thrill on this powerful 1000cc rear-wheel drive machine with the engine located at the rear. Equipped with rally seats, seatbelts and roll cage to ensure your safety, along with Race Steering with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), this beast will force you to expand your limits.

POLARIS RZR: Enjoy this spectacular American creation. With its four-wheel drive and power steering powered by an 800 EFI high-output engine, this machine is the perfect off-roading vehicle for amateurs and pro-riders alike. Be prepared to be completely dumb-struck by its performance.

HAMMER HEAD: This entry-level off-roading automatic go-kart machine is peppy, fast and fun to drive, and breathtaking on the turns and corners. We offer a dedicated track of 1.2 kilometers for you to experience multiple times. Test yourself to your core and enhance your driving capability and skill.


4X4 Drive: Don’t drive? Don’t worry! With our 4x4s and Gypsies, you don’t have to miss any of the fun of off-roading. These vehicles seat a group of 7, and they are driven by our professionally trained and expert Marshalls who have an experience of 500+ drives and increasing every day. Your Marshall will take your group to an area which is not open for any self-driven vehicles where you will experience the most thrilling joyride of your life! The rises and dips of this trail will blow any stress or worries completely out of your mind. More than 20,000+ adventure lovers have been on this exhilarating roller-coaster ride!

Apart from these, Moto Sport Park’s garage contains an even larger range of powerful vehicles, just waiting to be discovered by you when you visit us!